'Coming men' have different goals for 2003

Wesley Sneijder and Jamal Akachar play in Ajax 2. Sneijder is about to make the step to the A-selection next season, Akachar earned a contract at the end of 2002. Therefore, their expectations for 2003 differ.

Where are you at Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve?
Sneijder: ,,We’ll be having dinner with the family and we are probably going bowling together as well. I will celebrate at home, New Year’s Eve too. After that I am going to prepare for the second part of the season. Maybe in the last few days before we begin again, I’ll do some running to get into shape.’’
Akachar: ,,I will be with my family during the winter break. We don’t celebrate Christmas, but I will be home, in Amsterdam.’’

What is the most important of the past year?
Sneijder: ,,beating Willem II with Ajax 2 in the national cup. That was the best moment for our team.’’
Akachar: ,,When Ajax gave me a contract.’’

Looking back on 2002?
Sneijder: ,,We learned a lot. Under coaches Van der Lem and Van ‘t Schip, the young guys have matured. Hopefully we can keep it up in 2003.’’
Akachar: ,,My dream has come true. Last season I did not have a team. I played three matches for the Ajax amateurs at the end of the season. I started this season in that team as well en was called on to play for Ajax 2 a couple of times. And now I am a professional footballer.’’

Expectations for 2003?
Sneijder: ,,I hope that we can keep on playing well with Ajax 2. After that I am going to try to play myself into the first team. I am going to work really hard for that.’’
Akachar: ,,Play as many good matches with Ajax 2. I am not thinking about the first team yet. We have to win the championship with the second team.’’

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
Sneijder: ,,With family and friends.’’
Akachar: ,,I don’t drink, but it is always nice to celebrate something with your family.’’