Chivu presented to Italian press

Cristian Chivu was presented to the Italian press in Rome on Wednesday evening. The former Ajax captain said that his dream had come true and that he's looking forward to the away match against AC Milan.

Chivu was of course referring to Ajax's elimination in the Champions League in the away match against AC Milan. Ajax failed to reach the semi-final when Milan made it 3-2 in added time.

Chivu is looking forward to playing in the Italian Serie A. ,,I know the rivalries that Roma has with teams such as Juventus and AC Milan. We lost to Milan with Ajax and I hope to get revenge in the yellow and red shirt of AS Roma.''

Chivu won't be Roma's captain. There is still some discussion about the position of the Romanian international in the squad: as a central defender or a left wingback. ,,I prefer to play as central defender, but I can play in a three- or four-man defence on several positions. Besides, this is a matter for the coach Capello", Chivu said against the many reporters.

The acquisition of Cristan Chivu was caused by the departation of one of the most important defenders with the Roman club. Cafu sigend with AC Milan in July. Star player Totti will remain in Rome. Chivu is excited to play with the born-and-raised Roman. ,,I don't know the players personally, but I do know their names and reputations. Totti is the symbol of the club. I think he's a fantastic player and I am honoured to get to play with him'', a happy Chivu declared.