Chivu: 'I hope I'm always welcome here'

Just after four o'clock Bogdan Lobont parks his club car in front of the door to wait for his friend. He still has a few interviews to finish before leaving for Italy. If AS Roma can present a bank guarantee, thisTuesday was Cristian Chivu's last day as an Ajax player.

,,I knew today could be my last day here'', Cristian Chivu says when reminded of the melancholy look in his eyes at the end of the training. ,,That is why it was a strange training. Yesterday there were only discussions. An hour ago it was finalised."

The Romanian does not look really happy when announcing the news. ,,Of course I am happy. Really happy, because I get to play for an Italian club. That is an important step in my career."

,,I have had four great years, in which I have done good and bad things for the team'', says Chivu. ,,I leave now, that's life. I just told the group. They understand. They reacted normally, like they are. I can't really remember what they said exactly. Everything has gone really quickly.''

He flies to Rome tonight. ,,But I will be back, I think at the end of the week. Then there is time enough to say goodbye to everybody. I hope I am always welcome here."