Chivu had one of his best years

It was a successful year for Cristian Chivu. Under his captaincy Ajax won the national title, the cup and reached at least the second round of the Champions League. A few minor injuries could not spoil the Romanian's fun.

Where do you celebrate Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve?
,,I will celebrate Christmas with my mother and other relatives in Romania. I don’t know yet where I will be on New Year’s Eve. I have several options. Maybe in Romania, maybe in Amsterdam. In the past we always celebrated Christmas with the family and we sat together at home, talking, eating, talking and eating. We also sang Christmas songs. Those are happy memories.’’

Looking back on 2002…?
,,Both personally and professionally it was a good year. We had a lot of success with Ajax. We won the championship, the cup and the Super Cup, and now we get a chance to show ourselves in the Champions League after the winter break. If the team is alright, I am alright. This was one of my best years so far. Better than 2001.

Your expectations for 2003?
,,I hope 2003 will be even better than 2002. That is what I am striving for. In my personal life I don’t expect any major changes. I don’t have to get married yet and I don’t want to have children yet either. I wish everybody all the best and I hope to stay healthy myself.’’

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,I don’t know. This is a tricky question. A pretty girl? Can you fix something for me? I really have no idea. I’ll tell you at the end of the season, when we have won the cup and the national title.’’