Charisteas allowed to leave Ajax

Charisteas allowed to leave Ajax

Angelos Charisteas is allowed to leave Ajax, coach Henk ten Cate said after the friendly match Emmen - Ajax (0-6). Ten Cate does not see the Greek as a fitting striker in his system. ,,But I hope that he finds a good club, because he a great guy'', said the Ajax boss.

Ten Cate recently had a meeting with Charisteas in which he told the forward that his playing time in the upcoming season would be little to none. ,,He is, behind Huntelaar, Rosenberg, Babel and even Poepon, who recently had a good trial period with us, the fifth striker. I am not going to kid him around, he now still has time to find a new club'', Ten Cate said. The transfer window closes on 31 August.

,,I hope a good club comes for him. He's a great guy, a good professional and a nice person. For a system with two strikers, he is fantastic. Except we don't play that way and we have many good forwards in the squad."

Ten Cate also announced that defender Emmanuel Boakye is allowed to play on loan elsewhere. ,,He is a good right back but we already have three of those. I think many top-level Dutch teams would love to have him and it would be good for him to play on loan as he would see a lot of playing time.''

Jan Vertonghen and Robbert Schilder stay with the first team. ,,Jan has done well in the past weeks. He is now very tired, though. So I gave him a day off. He can go home to Belgium for a bit.''