Changes in board AFC Ajax

The board of AFC Ajax, with members John Jaakke, chairman, Hein Blocks, treasurer, and Klaas Nuninga, member technical affairs, have concluded that it is not in the best interest of the club to carry on in the current make up.

The reason is a difference of opinion about the manner in which the board needs to function. The board members have also noticed a lack of chemistry between them. These observations are regretted by the board, but at the same time, the baord members unanimously are of the opinion that a change is necessary.

On those grounds, Hein Blocks and Klaas Nuninga have offered to vacate their position at the moment the members' council have appointed suitable successors.

The board of Ajax also have a seat in the board of supervisory directors of AFC Ajax N.V. The board of supervisory directors consists of five people; the three board members of the club plus Sjoerd van Loon and Frank Eijken.

Nothing will change in structure or competences of the managing board and board of supervisory directors. This decision is not caused by the policy of AFC Ajax N.V.