Celebrating Ajax kicks off Experience

Celebrating Ajax kicks off Experience

On Ajax’ 111th birthday, the club revealed to its celebrating guests and the press its ambitious plans in the centre of Amsterdam. At an excellent hotspot, the Rembrandt Square, the kick off was performed for the build of the Ajax Experience. The Experience is planned to open later this year.

For the occasion the gathered press was allowed to ride the official players’ bus to the Rembrandt Square. It was a rare occasion, because the changing rooms and the players’ bus are normally off limits to the professional Ajax watchers. Half an hour previously, the players had travelled on that same bus back from Schiphol to the ArenA. The experienced OAD driver guided the comfortable Mercedes bus with writers, photographers and other invitees through the city flawlessly. And in the middle of the square, named after the famous Dutch painter, the splendid vehicle stood still. Everybody then entered the immense building, named ‘The Bank’, where the Ajax experience is to appear. Van der Aart took place behind the lectern and addressed the audience, giving them a warm welcome. ,,Our birthday is a beautiful moment to kick off the Experience”, the Ajax director said.

After Frank de Boer had held his weekly press conference, on that special location, the manager kicked off the build. He kicked the ball straight into the Ajax logo which was projected on the wall and immediately a film was started about the Ajax Experience, including fantastic goals such as Marco van Basten’s famous bicycle kick.

As if you had been there yourself, that is what the Ajax Experience aims to achieve. With this new, interactive football experience, football fans of any age will be able to experience for themselves, aspects such as, speed, techniques and tactics, during this unique experience. Acting and experiencing are extremely important in the Ajax Experience. But you will also walk through Ajax’ history: see the cups; meet great names, such as Johan Cruijff, Marco van Basten and many others. But the less fanatic football fans from all over the world will also love the Ajax Experience.