Boschker: 'I want to make Koeman's choice difficult'

Sander Boschker is the first player of the season to do a supporters' interview. The goalkeeper has just finished his first week as an Ajax player and talked about his experiences. Many fans wanted to know what the difference is between FC Twente and Ajax. Boschker took his time and answered all the questions.

Hello Mister Boschker,
First I wanted to say, welcome at Ajax. How do you like it here in Amsterdam? And how do you deal with all the attention for you?

(Marvin Banda, Rotterdam)

,,I like it just fine. The guys and the staff made me feel very welcome, so everything went well as far as that is concerned. All that attention is new for me, but is a nice circumstance. I was used to some attention with Twente, but there are much more fans here. There is not so much media attention for me, think it 'bothers' Sonck a lot more. But I don't mind signing autographs or having my picture taken, so I am going to enjoy that every day."

What was your most important reason for going to Ajax?
(Rob Dijkmans, Bladel)

,,Ajax are one of the best teams in Holland. I have always said I wanted to play abroad or with a top club here. It just took me a while. But better late than never. When Ajax come calling, you don't really have to doubt. As a footballer you want to win trophies and there is a bigger chance of that with Ajax than with Twente."

Dear Sander,
What are the main differences between Ajax and Twente from what you have seen in your first week?

(Dennis, Velserbroek)

,,There is much more media attention here. There is a camera crew here every day. And more people come to watch our training. In the game itself there is one thing that I have to adjust to: training on taking part in the field play as a goalkeeper. I'm sure I will get the hang of it. It will take many hours but I like to train."

Why did you not go to one of the top clubs earlier?
(Ron van der Ham)

,,After my first season with Twente PSV were interested in me, but also in Menzo. I did not think I would get much playing time, so I decided to stay. After the Cup final against Feyenoord, about three years ago, they wanted me too, but I was too expensive. Ajax are the third club to come calling and thankfully that deal went through. And this is maybe the best club to play for. Anyway, there is never a dull moment here."

Hello Sander, if you had not gone to Ajax, but you could have chosen from all the clubs in Europe, whre would you liked to have gone?
(Stefan Wiegman, Terschelling-West)

,,If I could chosse, I would go to England. I think that you are away from home a lot in Mediterranian countries, and I like to be home often and I think you can in England. But most of all the football appeals to me. There is always something happening in the box in England and as a goalkeeper you like to have something to do."

What does it take to be a good goalkeeper?!
(William Meijer, Drempt)

,,Charisma is important for a 'keeper. If you don't have that, then you have to be confident about yourself. Always keep your head up; if you look down it means you're not feeling strong. Put your chest out and act bigger than you are. You have to have a good view if the game and a good technique for falling and catching. You can learn to fall. Often you see that young goalkeepers are afraid to fall. They can handle one corner, but have difficulty with the other corner. You can learn that."

What is your best game ever?
(Wouter Smits, Maasbree)

,,I will never forget the Cup final against PSV. I the penalty shoot-out we were down 3-1. If you then manage to stop three penalties in a row, you do a good job as a goalkeeper, I think."

<Hi Sander,
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

(Tatiana Hanson, Den Haag)

,,I would like to be a little taller. I am now 1.85 metres, and I would like to have been 1.90 metres. I think that's a good height for a goalkeeper. But that's all."

Hi Sander
You played great in you last match for Twente against Ajax. Was it not in the back of your mind that Ajax might miss the preliminary round of the Champions League becuase of your saves? Or did you want make it a good match for the Twente fans?
Good luck with Ajax!

(Ravish Sitaldin, Amsterdam)

,,I was still employed by Twente and I wanted to say goodbye to my club in an appropriate manner. By winning, but that was not to be. Ajax were too good. I was afraid I would make a mistake, but luckily I didn't. I wanted to show I am a good goalkeeper. I never thought about the Champions League."

Hey Sander! If you play, how would you experience the match against FC Twente??
(René, Roosendaal)

,,I cannot look into the future. But I will see a lot of familiar faces anyway. I also hope that Ajax win, because that is my team now. Twente can win all other matches, but not against Ajax. It won't change my mind set, because I hate losing. After the match it will be fun. "

How do you think you are going to keep Lobont and Stekelenburg behind you. Or are you assuming that you won't be the first goalkeeper?
(Gijs Kist, Haarlem)

,,I am going to do the best I can. I will make the coaches' choice as difficult as possible. Lobont and Stekelenburg are good goalkeepers, and it won't be easy. I have to show that I am good and that I am learning with every training. I hope to learn a lot here, especially in international matches. That is something that you also carry with you in your personal life."

Why did you go to Ajax when there are already two other goalkeepers?
(Bastiaan Vink, Schoonebeek)

,,Ajax wanted me! The coach wanted someone with experience. With 350 league matches, you can say I have that. Last season showed that you need good goalkeepers and that two sometimes is not enough."

Do you have a special skill or trick when it comes to saving penalties or do you decide at the last moment? Do you know which corner most players shoot?
(Jurriaan, Wageningen)

,,Over the years I have kept notes of all the penalties of all the players. Only in the Dutch league. There are players in that book that have retired or went abraod long ago. I counted how often they choose the left or right corner. Sometiemes there is a pattern. A goalkeeper has to wait as long as possible. Don't choose a corner untill you think you know where the player is going to shoot."

Have you ever scored?
(Huya, Eindhoven)

,,No never, not even from a penalty kick. I have given assists, by kicking a long ball. I don't have to score, others can do that."

What are you going to enjoy the most with Ajax?
(Pieter, Katwijk aan zee)

,,The amount of matches we're going to win, I think! I assume that we will win more games than with Twente. So far I have enjoyed every training. I think I am going to have two good years here."