Board of directors and supervisory board resign

Board of directors and supervisory board resign

The members of Ajax’ the board of directors have resigned. They announced this on Wednesday evening during a meeting with the members’ council. The full board was also present.

The members’ council convened this evening to speak about the events concerning the technical consultative group. On Thursday 24 March 2011 during a meeting between the Ajax club management and the members’ council it became clear that the board of directors should execute the advice given by Johan Cruijff et al., including the consequences for the personnel. Ajax’ board of directors is ultimately responsible for the policy and has told the members’ council that it is not prepared to waive this responsibility. The supervisory board supports the board of directors in its decision.

The members of Ajax’ board of directors, Uri Coronel (chairman), Cor van Eijden and Joop Krant, feel that the process and, in particular, continuing unrest surrounding the club, resulting from that, are extremely damaging to Ajax. By resigning they wish to live up to their responsibilities and offer the club the space and opportunity to break out of the looming impasse.

They will also resign, in stages, as members of the supervisory board. The two other members of the supervisory board, Frank Eijken and Jan Haars, shall also resign.

In concrete terms, the board of directors’ announcement means the members’ council must now go in search of successors. During the period up until the official appointment of these successors, the present members of the board of directors will stay on as club directors and as members of the supervisory board.

As stipulated in the articles of association for Ajax, the members of the board of directors are appointed by the members’ council. The appointment of new members of the supervisory board requires an (extraordinary) general meeting of shareholders.