Best view from Boerrigter’s seat

Best view from Boerrigter’s seat

The Ajax Experience gives all fans the opportunity to dive into the world of Ajax, right in the heart of Amsterdam. As of a month, it’s possible to have live and breathe Ajax in the Experience on the Rembrandtplein. In four issues, takes you into the world’s newest interactive football experience.

Which seat would you choose if you were allowed to sit in Ajax’s locker room? Your favourite player’s spot, or the spot with the best view? 9 year old Gijs from Zandvoort (wearing the blue jersey in the photo) came up with the ideal solution. “For the photo, I sat in Toby Alderweireld’s seat, and for Frank de Boer’s speech, I sat in Derk Boerrigter’s. That’s the best place to see Frank from close by.”

The locker room show is Gijs’ favourite part of the Ajax Experience. “It was so real when the light went out and De Boer walked into the locker room via the mirror. I really felt like I was in Ajax’s locker room during halftime of a match.”
With his friends Stefan (9), Oscar (7), Sara (6) and their parents, Gijs went to Rembrandtplein. Just like many other families, the young Ajax fans took advantage of the fall holiday to visit the Ajax Experience. Its interactive nature can be felt everywhere. Visitors can show off their ball skills, and take a virtual walk in the player’s tunnel. It makes the Ajax Experience a unique experience for the true Ajax fan. The football parts were also appreciated by Gijs. “It’s cool that we can also practice here”, says the SV Zandvoort E3 defender. “It’s a bit like being an Ajax player yourself.”

After about an hour, the tour of the Ajax Experience ends in the fanshop. As a member of the Ajax Kids club, Ajax already has lots of Ajax merchandise. A nice Ajax ball is still missing in his collection. So he doesn’t leave the Experience empty-handed. He proudly carries the ball as he walks out onto Rembrandtplein. The nearby grass strip is calling…

Come to the Ajax Experience on Rembrandtplein!