Best grass field is in the ArenA

Best grass field is in the ArenA

The best grass field of the Netherlands this year is in the Amsterdam ArenA. That was the result from a survey from player’s association VVCS. “The ArenA has succeeded in creating a top grass field”, says Danny Hesp, chairman of the VVCS. “I think it’s an exceptional achievement and I congratulate the ArenA in winning this award.”

During the season, the captains from the Eredivisie clubs give their evaluation of the grass fields to the VVCS. This is the first time that the ArenA wins the award. ArenA director Hen Markerink is very proud of the assessment. “We’re very proud that the Eredivisie 2011-2012’s best grass field was housed in the ArenA. Our efforts and investments in the last few years have paid off and brought this field into the top condition that it’s in. We worked hard on this together with Ajax.

This grass award is the crowning glory on our work. It feels like winning the Champions League.”
By, among other things, using a modern lighting system, Stadium Grow Lightning, which is specially made to help grass grow and recover, the quality of the grass becomes higher. The SGL Concept is also used at Feyenoord, AZ, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, and several more top clubs across the world.