Belgium and Romanai miss Euro 2004

Ajax players Wesley Sonck, Jelle van Damme and Tom Soetaers will be absent on Euro 2004 in Portugal. It was also a dramatic evening for Romania, who miss the play-off matches after Norway's narrow 1-0 win against Luxembourg.

Belgium did well, beating Estonia in their last match (2-0). But when Thomas Buffel made it 2-0, Croatia scored in the other group match. Group winner Bulgaria could not catch up and Croatia qualified for the play-off matches for the European championship.

Ajax players Sonck (81st minute) and Van Damme (57th minute) were substituted, Soetaers did not play.

Final standings:
Bulgaria 8-17 13-4
Croatia 8-16 12-4
Belgium 8-16 11-9
Estonia 8- 8 4-6
Andorra 8-0 1-18

Sweden will be present on Euro 2004. Although the team of Zlatan Ibrahimovic lost the final group match with 1-0 to Latvia - which finished second - Sweden was already safe. Ibrahimovic came on in the 64th minute, but he was not able to change the outcome.

Final standings:
Sweden 8-17 19-3
Latvia 8-16 10-6
Poland 8-13 11-7
Hungary 8-11 15-9
San Marino 8-0 0-30

Romania played a friendly against Japan while their ticket for Euro 2004 was decided elsewhere. Norway won, Denmark drew and Romania and Norway both finished a point behind leaders Denmark. Despite their better goal difference, Romania was third because of the results in their matches against Norway.

Final standings:
Denmark 8- 15 15-9
Norway 8-14 9-5
Romania 8-14 21-9
Bosnia-Herz 8-13 7-8
Luxembourg 8-0 0-21