Bechan and Krohn-Dehli are hoping for more team mates

Michael Krohn-Dehli went from the juniors to the second team in the past year. There, he joined Kiran Bechan, who finally got back to playing after an injury. Both wingers hope that more players are added to Ajax 2, so that the team gets to play more matches.

How do you celebrate Christmas and/or New Year's Eve?
Bechan: ,,We spend Christmas with the family. We go out for dinner, to a Chinese restaurant. When we get home, we unwrap our presents. New Year's Eve I'll be with friends and cousins. At midnight I will be with my family too, we have champagne and fireworks."
Krohn-Dehli: ,,I will be home with my family in Denmark for Christmas. We eat porc and duck, it's always the same. I'll see many relatives on Boxing Day and we keep on eating! I don't know how I will celebrate New Year. I think I'll go out to dinner with friends and then party. But I have no concrete plans yet."

What was the most important in 2002?
Bechan: ,,That I got to play again after two months. The year started well. We won the title with Ajax 2, so we finished the season in style. Getting so far in the cup was great too. In the new season it is not going so well yet. We don't have enough players on the team and play too few matches. But the coach says everything will be fine after the winter break."
Krohn-Dehli: ,,The transition from the juniors to Ajax 2 was the most important thing for me. After a difficult start with the juniors we won the championship. I closed off my second year in the juniors well. With Ajax 2 we had a good start in the cup. But, like Kiran said, it's a shame that we play so few matches. "

Your expectations for 2003?
Bechan: ,,I hope we win the title again and that all goes well for me. I want to stay fit and hope everybody is healthy and happy, especially my family and friends!"
Krohn-Dehli: ,,I expect us to win the championship with Ajax 2. And that we get far in the Amstel Cup. I think we can, if no-one gets hurt and we get a couple of new players."

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
Bechan: ,,With my parents and my sisters, because they always support me."
Krohn-Dehli: ,,With my parents, because I don't see them often. it has been four months since I last saw them."