"Are you OK, André?"

"Are you OK, André?"

Ajax was celebrated on Monday afternoon at head sponsor AEGON’s offices in the Hague. The complete selection and technical staff were present at AEGON’s headquarters. The Ajax players were still thrilled about their victory on the day after. The after effects of the championship party were still noticeable, but this didn’t damper the mood.

Bohnen has set his sights on André Ooijer. Ajax’s experienced player is often the target of Bohnen’s Amsterdam humour. Remarks such as ‘André, you can lie down’, and ‘Will you hold on to André?’ are received with a broad smile from the 36 year old champion. When asked about how he’s recovering from the festivities of the last days, Ooijer answers drily: “It’s all good. I didn’t need any paracetamol, just some Red Bull this morning.”

Maarten Stekelenburg enjoyed the party until the early hours as well. “I’m fine, even after last night”, he says with a happy champion’s grin. “It’s a shame that I couldn’t play the last matches because of my thumb injury, but fortunately I was able to attend every game.” The keeper won’t soon forget the celebration. “We all enjoyed it a lot. In one word, it was amazing.” Eyong Enoh chimes in cheerfully. “It was very special on Museumplein. I’ve never seen so many happy people in one place before last night. It’s obvious that everyone was ready for this championship. We were ready. And we showed FC Twente that.”

As Talent of the Year, Christian Eriksen receives much well deserved attention. Bohnen compliments Ajax’s director at midfield. “This prize means a lot to me”, says Eriksen. “It’s great. And the championship is the great result of what we fought for together this season.”

Frank de Boer reinforces these words later on. “I’m totally happy. From day one there has been a fantastic working atmosphere with the staff and team. Everyone had done their best each day to improve. With the championship being the ultimate goal. That’s why it’s great that we’re here with the plate at AEGON. We want to thank our head sponsor. Not only because they’ve given us money, but because they are helping us to get back to the top. This plate is therefore partly AEGON’s.”

For a moment, it seems like there will be breaking news in the Hague, but Stekelenburg’s answer to the question about whether he’s staying next season or not delivers no new insight. “I don’t know yet”, says the injured captain. When Bohnen asks the same question to the AEGON employees, the answer is a resounding ‘yes! ‘in the room. In any case, André Ooijer will be around next season. “Are you OK now, André?”