Annual returns AFC Ajax NV per 30 June 2003

Core Figures Ajax have booked over the fiscal year 2002/2003 a very good operational result of 12.2 million Euro, which as expected has not yet led to a net profit. The result after taxes is 4.0 million Euro negative compared to 22.1 million Euro negative last year: an improvement of 18.1 million Euro, caused by cost control management on the one hand and participation in the UEFA Champions League on the other.

The comparative figures of 2001/2002 consist of the consolidated figures of AFC Ajax NV under deduction of the figures of the Belgian and Ghanese participations, as these participations have been adopted in the year under review by the minority stockholders.

Not only the operational result has improved greatly with € 17.5 million compared to the previous year, the net profit has also risen, by 53 percent from € 50.0 million to € 76.5 million.

The total running costs have risen by € 9.0 million from € 55.3 million to € 64.3 million.

The result compensation sums is € 0.7 million positive and is € 2.9 million lower than the profit in 2001/2002. The debit on the compensation sums rose by € 2.5 million from € 18.2 million to € 20.7 million.