Andy van der Meyde expects championship and baby

It was a good year for Andy van der Meyde. He won the double with Ajax and made his debut for the Dutch national squad.

How do you celebrate Christmas and/or New year's Eve?
,,At home. On Christmas Day I'll be with friends and on Boxing Day I am hoping to go to Carré for the Christmas circus. I have to hurry getting tickets or it will be sold out. We did that last year and it was great. I just like having people around me that I love.”

What was the most important in 2002?
,,I think we had a fantastic first half of the season. You can see the group getting closer. There are no groups within the group, everyone gets along very well. We are also getting more used to each other on the pitch. I think we are doing really well and that this was a fantastic half year for us.’’

Your expectations for 2003?
,,My girlfriend is pregnant and she is due in June, just when I have time off. Well planned, isn't it? I am very happy. I am not nervous yet, but maybe that will come later. In football, we are going for the championship. We are good and we are not in the top of the table for nothing. If we can keep this up, we will win the title.”

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,Katja Schuurmans, haha. Does Henk Timmer want to drink champagne with Bridget? That's funny.”