Ancelotti: 'Ajax will play same type of football'

AC Milan arrived in Amsterdam halfway through Tuesday. As usual on a day before a match in the UEFA Champions League, the visiting club trained in the stadium. Before that, coach Ancelotti and captain Maldini answered questions from the Italian and Dutch press.

The question on everybody's lips during the short press conference was whether Maldini thinks he can play on Wednesday. ,,I trained with the group this morning for the first time in twenty days'', said mister AC Milan himself. ,,I feel good and I am fully fit, so I hope to play tomorrow.''

AC Milan, just like Ajax, need three points to qualify for the next round. Milan's captain said he hoped that his team would win those three points on Wednesday evening. ,,Then we can focus on the league after Wednesday.''

Coach Ancelotti was asked if he thought it important that many Ajax players are missing with injuries or suspensions for the match on Wednesday. ,,Despite the fact that Ajax miss some important players I don't think that they will change their philosophy. They will still play the same type of football. Maybe it is a slight disadvantage for them, but we'll see that tomorrow.''

Like his captain the coach hopes to secure a place in the next round of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday. ,,We have two matches to play, of which we have to win one. So in fact we have two match points. We hope to cash in the first tomorrow.''

The 'mister', as in Italy the coach is often adressed, was also asked if he had seen Holland's match with Scotland in which Wesley Sneijder excelled. ,,I have not seen him play, but judging from what I've heard that's good. I would worry too much'', Ancelotti joked.

All present knew enough and let the two Rossoneri leave for the pitch of the Amsterdam ArenA.