ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:  we did it!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: we did it!

Ajax did it: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Huge buckets of ice were dumped on the entire selection on Wednesday. It was a very cold adventure, with the aim being to bring awareness to the ALS illness. Ajax was challenged by DJ Edwin Evers, and has now nominated the entire PSV selection, referee Björn Kuipers and Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan for the challenge.

Via the Ajax Foundation, Ajax has been supporting the fight against ALS for years, so naturally, they accepted dj Edwin Evers’ challenge. Football players have been through a lot, of course, in terms of cold weather conditions on the field, but the Ice Bucket Challenge created quite a bit of nervous laughter with the players.

Niklas Moisander announced who Ajax had nominated to take on the challenge next: the PSV selection, referee Björn Kuipers (‘so that we’re all equally prepared for Sunday’) and our own Amsterdam mayor Eberhart van der Laan. Will they accept the challenge? We’ll keep you posted.