A-junior Denswil extends contract

A-junior Denswil extends contract

Ajax and Stefano Denswil have reached an agreement regarding the extension of his contract, which ran until June 30, 2012. The new, improved contract is retroactively effective, per January 1 2012, and runs June 30, 2015. There is a one-sided option in the contract for Ajax to extend for another season.

Denswil was born on May 7, 1993, in Zaandam. The defender has played with Ajax since F-juniors, and this season is playing for A1, the highest youth team.
Frank de Boer is pleased with the extension of Stefano Denswil’s contract: “Stefano is a very talented player, from a group which is already very talented. He’s a typical Ajax defender. But he’s also merciless and very strong physically. He combines that with very good technique. He’s still in A-juniors and we’re looking into what’s best for him in terms of his development. That could be A1, but it could also be Jong Ajax matches, of, like last week, training with the A selection.”
Denswil is satisfied as a player. “I was happy when I got to play with the F-pupils, and now I’m happier, because it takes years to reach Ajax 1. Starting next summer, I’ll definitely be able to train with the first team, and I hope that I’ll also play with them.”

The Zaandam native, who is the only remaining member of the Fs to now play with C1, has been with Ajax for ten years. “That’s gone by so fast. It gets really tough from B1. You learn a lot more there. The best moment was the national championships with A1, and everything around that, among which the VAK410 supporters.”

Last week, the talented central defender practiced with Ajax 1 for several days. “That’s very different that doing it once in a while”, he can now say from experience. “You’re with them in the locker room, eat with them, and talk more with them.” Now he’s waiting to make his debut, and, as interim technical director Danny Blind put it: “I’m convinced that it won’t take long for that to happen.”