Ajax with different tactical plan against favourites Juventus

The fact that Ajax trained behind closed doors on Tuesday was an indication that Ronald Koeman has a different tactical plan for the UEFA Champions League match agaisnt Juventus. ,,That is correct", admitted the coach. ,,I am going to change some things, but the names on the match sheet will for the most part be the same as usual.''

,,Sometimes, when I think it's necessary, we train behind closed doors'', said Koeman at the press conference on Tuesday. ,,I have the time and the rest to make some changes. We will adjust to the opponent, but that is nothing new. We also did that in some European matches the past years.”

Maybe the Ajax boss has to change more than he wants. Mauro Rosales is bothered by a groin injury. ,,He is doubtful for the match'', Koeman explained. ,,We will perform a last test tomorrow morning. If he cannot play, it will be an extra problem for us. He can add something to this team. Especially because we miss more players. We already have to do without Tomás Galásek and a player about whom we have talked so much lately. With Zlatan gone we miss a good, young striker. But we are used to it and we'll survive this as well."

Koeman repeated that for a coach it is easier to prepare his team for Juventus than for, say, ADO Den Haag. ,,The players are focussed to do well together against Juventus. Because of all the developments of late, people expect less from our team. That can be an advantage, because this is a team that can play great all of a sudden. That we saw last Sunday in the first half hour. But we will have to be very good, to get a good result. Juventus have a team that can win the Champions League. But we also have chances to advance. This is only the first match. Juventus are morre experienced and smarter than we are and I am curious what we are going to do to solve that."

The coach will meet his former pupil Zlatan Ibrahimovic. ,,I don't think he will start but that Juventus will begin with Trezequet and Del Pierot. If not, we are prepared anyway. I do hope that the fans will receive Zlatan in a normal way.''