Ajax wins friendly match

Ajax wins friendly match

An Ajax combination team won a friendly match against Umm Salal 6-1. Yaha Sanogo(3), Lasse Schöne (2) and Lucas Andersen scored the goals.

Ajax must have felt like they had wandered into a playground. The home team was given every opportunity from Umm Salal to make combinations, completely unhindered. The weak opposition could be explained by the fact that Umm Salal played its second team in the first half, therefore mostly young and inexperienced players.
Ajax led 6-0 at halftime and that was a meagre score, frankly. With a bit more precision, Ajax could easily have achieved a score in the double digits. Sanogo was the hero with three goals, but the most beautiful goals were by Schöne (free kick) and Andersen (lob).
In the second half, Umm Salal’s first team came onto the field and the match became more evenly balanced. Moreover, in the second half, the Qatar team had the best opportunities. Yannick Sagbo’s goal had no follow up, thanks in part to good keeping by Boer. Ajax had one more good attempt. Sanogo’s free passage through to the Umm Salal goal was abruptly halted by a defender. The referee handed out a yellow card. The free kick, from just outside of the box, didn’t delivery any results.
Ajax – Umm Salal 6-1 (6-0)

Score summary: 2. Schöne 1-0, 6. Sanogo 2-0, 13. Schöne 3-0, 17. Sanogo 4-0, 30. Andersen 5-0, 35. Sanogo 6-0, 53. Sagbo 6-1