Ajax welcomes American player

Ajax welcomes American player

The Ajax Women have acquired a new player: Alex Melin, from the United States. Melin comes from the University of Iowa team, where she has been captain for the past two seasons. She’ll be mainly focusing on the position of (defending) midfielder.

Melin came accross as relaxed and driven during her introduction. This also true later when she spoke, saying that her arrival at Ajax was an ‘important step’ and that she was ‘looking forward to working with the team and staff’.

Coach Ed Engelkes is happy with the arrival of the 22 year- old American. According to him, Melin is ‘an enthusiastic and motivated player’, who will bring the ‘necessary energy and drive to the team’. The American will be focusing on the midfield positions, where, with her energy and power, she will have the possibility to play in both a defensive and attacking role.

For Ajax, Melin is the second American player in its history, after Whitney Sharpe. Sharpe recently returned to the United States. Melin hopes to do as well as Sharpe. She’s already proving to be on the right path, as she spoke these words she had learned in Dutch: “I am happy today.”