Ajax U17 goes to finals

Ajax U17 goes to finals

Ché Nunnely had a feeling that this could be his day. “I told my roommate Juan (Familia Castillio) that I was going to score today”, beamed the Ajax U17 winger. And so it was. Nunnely scored the only goal against Juventus, thus earning the Amsterdam talents a spot in the finals of the ABN AMRO Future Cup. Two-time winner Anderlecht will be their opponent.

It’s customary that Ajax is in the Future Cup finals. This has been the case in the five previous editions. “It’s our home tournament, so it’s very important that we perform well”, emphasized Nunnely. Although expectations are high, the U17s remain relaxed. “We don’t feel any pressure, we’re very relaxed and are playing our own game.”

In the first half, the U17s played true to Ajax’s style. Frank Peereboom’s team applied pressure early, made beautiful combinations and took control. Nunnely was one of the more outstanding players. He was continuously fed by strong midfielders Carel Eiting and Dani de Wit.

The fearless Nunnely continuously sought out his physically stronger direct opponent. The first half remained scoreless. Three great opportunities were diffused, mostly by great keeper’s work by Mattia del Favero.

“We should have made it 2-0 or 3-0 at that points”, said Nunnely. “It was a shame that we didn’t score an additional goal, but we stayed calm and kept on doing well.” Eleven minutes into the second half, the goal came. “It was a beautiful attack with a great pass by Reda (Boultam). I wasn’t expecting the ball, but I received it well and finished off. A great moment. It was my first goal of the tournament. I’ve played some good games already, with nice plays and a few assists.”

Nunnely didn’t have a preference for Anderlecht or Porto in the other semi-final match. “It doesn’t matter to me”, he said. “The teams in this tournament are, generally, physically strong. Our team plays the strongest football.”

The Ajax – Anderlecht final starts at 15:00. The match can be seen live via Fox Sports and Ajax Exclusive TV.

Score summary: Ajax - Juventus 1-0. 41. Nunnely 1-0.

Line-up Ajax: Van der Sar, Zeefuik, Siddoel, De Ligt, Oievaar, Eiting, Boultam (52. Familia Castillio), D. de Wit, Nunnely, Malen (52. Kaars), M. de Wit (34. Sierhuis)