Ajax to have academies in Greece

Ajax to have academies in Greece

Ajax signed a five year collaboration deal on Monday with the Greek All Star Consultancy. The official launch of the Ajax Hellas Youth Academy took place at the Ajax Academy. Ajax’ training philosophy will be carried out at academies in fifteen locations in Greece and Cyprus, all managed from the base camp on the Greek island of Corfu.

The list of top football players who were trained at the Ajax Academy is long and impressive. When asked by a Greek journalist to name some names, Eddie van Schaik lists some examples which appeals to the imagination. The Greek journalist writes down the names of Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Seedorf, Bergkamp, Davids and Van Basten and back in the homeland they will undoubtedly serve as examples of the success of the Ajax Academy. The Ajax Hellas Youth Academy hopes one day to train such top players in Greece as well.

From now on talented Greek youth players can get a football education according to the Ajax philosophy, in their own country. That is the result of a collaboration between Ajax and the Greek All Star Consultancy. The Ajax Hellas Youth Academy offers a place to hundreds of Greek football talents , who, with the support of Ajax, will be trained by local trainers in the Ajax way.

The Ajax Hellas Youth Academy brings a great improvement to the training possibilities of football talent in Greece and Cyprus. George Kazianis, partner of All Star Consultancy is convinced of that. ,,We do have talents in Greece, but we still lack the infrastructure to train these talents the right way. This is why the collaboration with Ajax is so important for Greek football. Ajax is known world wide for their unique Academy. We are very happy to have Ajax as a partner in setting up an academy of our own.”

Eddie van Schaik will act as coach and consultant on behalf of Ajax. ,,We will bring the Greek trainers over to Amsterdam regularly over the coming years and we will also go to Greece to support them in their work at their academy. Luckily there is already a lot of information available on the unique Ajax training. The Ajax Online Academy is a rich source of material to work with and DVDs on our style of play and training methods can help the Greek trainers along.”

Kazianis: ,,The next generation of Greek football players and coaches will be able to create a turn around in Greek football, thanks to the unique Ajax training. The Greek origin of the name Ajax and the Greek’s who have played for Ajax in the past create a natural bond between Ajax and Greece. The Ajax Hellas Youth Academy will only increase Ajax’ popularity in Greece further.”