Ajax through in UEFA Cup

Ajax through in UEFA Cup

Without playing, Ajax qualified for the next round of the UEFA Cup on Thursday. With HSV winning away at Slavia Prague (0-2), Ajax are already certain to be in the top three in Group F.

The other match in the group, between Aston Villa and MSK Zilina, was surprisingly won by the Slovak team: 1-2. But it did not help MSK Zilina, the team has four points after four matches. HSV and Aston Villa are also certain to go through. In the UEFA Cup tournament, 32 teams will remain.
Ajax have to play one more match in the group stage, at home against Slavia Prague on 17 December. It is possible that Ajax can secure first place in the group in that match.
Table Group F:
1. HSV 3-6
2. Aston Villa 3-6
3. Ajax 3-6
4. MSK Zilina 4-4
5. Slavia Prague 3-1