Ajax surpasses 250,000 followers op Twitter

Ajax surpasses 250,000 followers op Twitter

AFC Ajax surpassed the 250,000 followers on Twitter last night. It is the first Dutch football club to achieve this. In order to celebrate, Ajax is giving away the centre spot of the pitch upon which it won the national championship last season. All followers of @AFCAjax stand a chance to win.

Developments on Twitter

As of this week the Ajax Twitter account also gives English translations of the most important tweets. In addition Ajax uses Vine via Twitter, allowing us to include short videos in a tweet.
Ajax is also on:
Facebook (+ 712,000 followers)
Hyves (+ 216,000 followers)
Google+ (+ 31,000 followers)
YouTube (+ 37,000 followers)
Chinese Social Media (including Weibo) (+/- 300,000 followers)

And as of this month Ajax also has an Instagram-account: