Ajax signs Stan van Bladeren

Ajax signs Stan van Bladeren

Ajax has contracted keeper Stan van Bladeren (Voorhout, October 1, 1997). The A-junior has been playing in Ajax’s youth academy since 2012. He signs a contract which is effective per June 1, 2015 and valid until June 30, 2018.

Van Bladeren made his debut in professional football with the Ajax Reserves in the FC Volendam – Ajax Reserves (3-4) Jupiler League match. This has been his only game to date with the reserves.
This is the keeper’s first contract. “I’m so proud that I’ve signed a contract for three seasons. That shows a lot of confidence, especially since I’m only 17.” Van Bladeren describes himself as a true Ajax keeper. “I’m a keeper who plays along, someone who has tactical insight and abilities. I also have good reflexes.”

Van Bladeren has the same roots as Edwin van der Sar. Both Ajacieds were born in Voorhout and have played for the local team Foreholte. Van der Sar attended the contract signing on Tuesday. “I don’t know what it is with Voorhout and keepers”, said Ajax’s current marketing director with a smile. “We probably all got our start catching flower bulbs and then made the transition to real balls.”

Van der Sar feels that Van Bladeren earned his contract. “When I look at Stan keeping, I see someone who is doing everything to stop the ball. His mentality is one of his biggest strengths.”