Ajax signs Nick de Bondt

Ajax signs Nick de Bondt

Ajax has signed youth player Nick de Bondt. The forward signed a contract which runs until June 30, 2014. The 17 year old comes from the Vitesse/AGOVV youth development program and is part of the national youth selection for under 17. De Bondt was born on April 21, 1994 in Ede.

“I’m very happy that this has been finalized. From the time I was little, it’s been my dream to play here”, says the talented De Bondt after signing the contract. The left footed player comes from the Vitesse/AGOVV youth development program. “I played in the youth training program at Vitesse for three years. Before that, I was with the amateurs at Otterlo.”

De Bondt will join A1. “My goal is to make it to Ajax 1, but my priority next season is to make a place for myself in the A1 squad.” What are De Bondt’s assets? “I’m a left footed forward, and my natural position is left winger. My attributes are my left foot and my speed. I would like to work on my handling speed. It needs to be better as I work with the ball.”

His celebration will have to wait a few hours. “First, I have an information evening for new players to attend at Ajax. Then we’ll celebrate at home with friends and family.”