Ajax signs Nemanja Gudelj

Ajax signs Nemanja Gudelj

Ajax has reached an agreement with Nemanja Gudelj and AZ. The midfielder has signed a contract which will be effective per July 1, 1995, for five seasons, until June 30, 2020.

Gudelj was born on November 16, 1991 in Belgrade, Serbia. He’s played 50 games to date with AZ, scoring twelve goals. Before arriving at AZ, the Serbian international played for NAC Breda.
Ajax coach Frank de Boer was pleased with Gudelj’s arrival. The early nature of the announcement, before the end of the current competition season, is very important according to the coach: “The new season starts early for us, and at the end of July, we’re already playing in the first match of the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds. It’s important that we have the selection in order as soon as possible. We’re trying to be decisive, which we were with this transfer. Of course more new players will join, but the arrival of Nemanja Gudelj is definitely an important step. I’m very pleased that he’s here.”

De Boer had the following to say about Gudelj’s attributes: “We looked at what type of player we were lacking in our selection. In the end, we concluded that we were missing a certain type of energy in our team. In some matches, you need players who can make the difference not only technically, but also physically and in terms of what they exude. You need to be able to tell someone off once in a while. Christian Poulsen was a great example of that for two seasons. Since his departure, we’ve been looking for another player who can take our young selection under his wing.

With Nemanja’s arrival, we now have someone on the team who has those qualities, as well as a winner’s mentality. He doesn’t leave anything to chance, on the field or off. He’s a real football pro.”