Ajax signs Henri Toivomaki

Ajax signs Henri Toivomaki

Ajax has signed Henri Toivomaki (19). The Finnish youth international has signed a contract until June 30, 2013, with an option to extend for two more seasons.

Toivomaki was born on February 21, 1991, in Hyvinkää, Finland. He comes from FC Lahti and is a Finnish youth international. The defender was on trial in Amsterdam earlier this season. Initially, he will be part of Jong Ajax’s selection.

“My speed is one of my attributes. Also, passing is one of my better skills”, says the defender, who adds that his talents can be best optimized in the position of right back.

Toivomaki has had a good contact person in Finland recently. Jari Litmanen has talked to the new Ajax player extensively about the club. “I was Litmanen’s team mate last season at FC Lahti. Naturally, it was very handy for me to have a contact like him. If anyone in Finland knows about Ajax, it’s Jari.” Litmanen told Toivomaki a lot about Ajax. “He told me that Ajax is a great club for young players, specifically because young talents get the chance to develop. There’s a strategy behind it.”