Ajax signs Gino van Kessel

Ajax signs Gino van Kessel

Ajax has reached an agreement with Gino van Kessel. In Amsterdam, the forward signed a deal which is effective as of July 1 2012 and runs until June 30, 2014, with an option for another season.

Gino van Kessel is pleased with the contract. “It feels very good. Ajax is a great club where I can make good progress. You’re at the highest level with Ajax, which explains my choice.”
The forward will join Jong Ajax in the new season. “My goal is to start in the Jong Ajax basis and then grab my chances to move into the first team.”
The brand new Ajax player is the Eredivisie’s top scorer for A-juniors, with 25 goals. “I do miss some opportunities, but I create many, too. I can finish pretty well”, says Van Kessel. His greatest quality is scoring. “I’m not number one for nothing”, ends Van Kessel with a grin.
Van Kessel was born on May 9, 1993, in Alkmaar. The 18 year old centre forward comes from AZ’s youth academy. Previously, he was active for Kolping Boys, sv Vrone and Stormvogels Telstar.