Ajax signs Dani de Wit

Ajax signs Dani de Wit

Ajax has signed Dani de Wit (Hoorn, January 28, 1998). The under 19 player has been playing in Ajax’s youth academy since 2006. The youth international signed a contract effective per July 1, 2015, and valid for three years, until June 30, 2018.

This is the midfielder’s first contract. “This feels great. As a young guy, you just look forward to this moment. My goal is to become a good asset for the Ajax under 19s, and then I hope to stream through to the Ajax Reserves.” And the step after that? “It would be amazing to play in the first team in about three years.”

De Wit knows what he needs to do. “I’m an attacking midfielder who gets in front of the goal a lot. I want to score even more, and become even more important for the team.”

Head of the youth academy Wim Jonk had nice words about De Wit. “Dani doesn’t require any batteries. He’s a real team player who always gives one hundred per cent. Moreover, there is still lots of room for him to grow.”