Ajax signs Bakboord

Ajax signs Bakboord

Ajax has signed Navajo Bakboord (Amsterdam, January 29 1999). The under 19 junior has played in Ajax’s academy since 2007. He signed a contract which goes into effect on July 1, 2015, and is valid for three years, until June 30, 2018.

It’s the central defender’s first contract, and he is very proud. “This is a wonderful moment. I’m still quite young, so that means that the club sees potential in me. It’s great that this day has come.”

Bakboord is a real defender. “I can play either central right or right back. I’m someone who likes to neutralize his opponent properly.”

His ambitions are clear. “I’m going to be an under 19 junior and will try to earn a starting spot. I’m going to do my best and try to improve my football. I’ll be 19 in three years, and I hope I’ll be playing in the first team then.”

Friday could potentially be a very big day for Bakboord. He’ll hear whether he’s earned the first part of his high school diploma. “I’m not sure what’s on the agenda, but that would be a fantastic day.”

UPDATE: Navajo passed! Congratulations!