Ajax signs Azor Matusiwa

Ajax signs Azor Matusiwa

Ajax has signed Azor Matusiwa (Hilversum, April 28, 1998). The midfielder has played in Ajax’s youth academy since 2013, before which he was in Almere City FC’s youth academy.

He signed a contract that is effective retroactively per July 1, 2015, and will be valid for three years, until June 30, 2018. It’s the youth international’s first contract. “This feels great”, says the multifunctional midfielder. “I’m going on my third season with Ajax and I’m already signing a contract.”

Matusiwa is suffering from groin injuries but is on the mend. “That’s why I haven’t been able to show what I can do. I feel like I’m only at about 65 per cent of my capacities. When I’m completely fit again, I hope that I’ll be scoring lots of goals again.”

This season, Matusiwa is hoping to get lots of playing time with Ajax under 19. But he’s clear on his ultimate goal. “Within three years, I want to play in Ajax’s first team.”