Ajax sign Goossens, Sarpong and Yildirim

Ajax sign Goossens, Sarpong and Yildirim

Ajax have reached agreement with their youth players John Goossens, Jeffrey Sarpong and Murat Yildirim about their contracts. The Ajax talents signed contracts that will run from 1 November 2005 to 30 June 2008.

John Goossens, born in Heemstede on 25 July 1988, has played for Ajax since 1998. Goossens currently plays in Ajax A1 of coach Sonny Silooy. The forward played in the World Cup under 17 in Peru in September, where Holland captured third place.

Seventeen-year old Jeffrey Sarpong (3 August 1988) has played for Ajax since the age of seven. Before that, the midfielder played for Abcoude. Sarpong plays in the Ajax A1, currently in second place in the national junior league. Sarpong was also part of Holland under 17 that won third place in the World Cup.

Murat Yildirim came to Ajax's youth academy as a B-junior. Before that, the now 18-year old midfielder played for Hellas Sport. In June, Yildirim was chosen Youth Player of the Year of Ajax. He plays for Young Ajax this season.