‘Ajax should have won here’

‘Ajax should have won here’

Frank de Boer looked back ‘with aggravation’ to the loss (3-1) against Paris Saint-Germain. The club and Ajacieds should have gotten more out of Tuesday’s match. Qualification for the UEFA Europa League had been possible. “Such a shame”, said De Boer with visible regret.

“If there was one night for us to qualify for the Europa League, this was it, definitely”, De Boer opened his press conference in Parc des Princes with a healthy dose of annoyance. The frustrations behind the press table were almost tangible. “We were doing well. We were finding our guys well. But so many things went wrong in the first half, too. There were so many unnecessary moments; simple receipts, passes…when we could have been hurting them so much more. If you’ve been pushed to doing that by the opponent, then you can live with it. But that wasn’t the case. Kishna, Van der Hoorn and Van Rhijn were the only three who showed any guts before halftime. I also told them during the break: now is your chance to qualify for the Europa League.”

De Boer: “We did better in the second half. We got a better grasp, and were more threatening. Then we scored the 1-1 goal which was well-deserved, but then we made two big mistakes again. We actually should have won here. It’s such a shame. I’m completely annoyed.” The Ajacied especially had a bad taste in his mouth from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s 2-1 goal. This should have been prevented. “If someone goes ahead and charges, then he needs to be blocked with an over-my-dead-body approach.”

“It was frustrating that the players who made mistakes were the ones you don’t expect that from. That was very frustrating.” The severe injury sustained by Nicolai Boilesen cast another shadow on the evening. “It doesn’t look good: it may be a torn ACL. That would be the biggest setback of the evening…”