‘Ajax should have won’

‘Ajax should have won’

Frank de Boer was obviously disappointed about the result in Tilburg. The coach found the 1-1 draw in Tilburg unnecessary, but, despite the loss of two points, the Ajacied saw several things that were to his satisfaction.

“I think I saw a medium to good Ajax”, said De Boer at the press conference afterwards. “At one point, we knew what to do with Willem II. We had a grip on the game and gave nothing away. Then we were 0-1 up, but we should have been up by three goals at halftime. It would have been possible if we had played it out better.”

The coach was relatively satisfied with the second half as well: “We also had more control of the game in the second half, and in an unlucky moment, the 1-1 goal was scored. There was some doubt about whether Bazoer should have received a free kick. On the counter attack, the ball landed badly with Viergever and Messaoud scored the 1-1 goal. We didn’t want to settle for one point and pushed Van der Hoorn to the front. But then you run the risk that Willem II gets another shot. And that’s what happened. It wasn’t a one hundred per cent chance, but a three hundred per cent one. I’m very disappointed at the result, because only one team should have won, and that’s us.”

The opponent’s coach, Jurgen Streppel, begged to differ. “I thought it was an equal match, and the 0-1 goal came out of the blue. I thought we were a bit too soft. We scored a well-deserved 1-1 goal in the second half. El Ghazi did get a great opportunity that he should have cashed in on, but we had opportunities too. Ajax tried to go for broke in the final stages, but we dealt with it well. I’m satisfied with the 1-1, but we could have won.”