Ajax players in new adidas campaign

Ajax players in new adidas campaign

Ajax A1 players Lesley de Sa and Xandro Schenk can be seen from today, November 10th, in adidas’ new global football campaign for the launch of the ‘adizero f50 powered by miCoach' – a new football boot ‘with a brain’.

The campaign consists of, among other things, a 30 second commercial with Lionel Messi, and a longer online film with Lesley de Sa and Xandro Schenk. The functionality of the boot is demonstrated in this last film. The clip was shot in De Toekomst, Ajax’s youth complex, in the adidas miCoach Performance Centre, which is the sports technology heart of Ajax.

The new adizero f50 is different than any other football boot thanks to a cavity in the sole of the shoe, where a newly available Speed_Cell can be placed. This Speed_Cell measures 2d motion (360º), thus capturing the most important performance measures on the field, such as average speed (measured every second), top speed (measured every five seconds), number of sprints, distance, number of steps, and frequency if steps. The boot was used for the first time in an official match last week, during the UEFA Champions League, by Lionel Messi, who scored three times.

Adidas regularly involves Ajax in the development and testing phase of new products, especially in terms of developing intelligent training systems, an area in which Ajax certainly leads the way.

Lesley de Sa en Xandro Schenk

Lionel Messi op YouTube