Ajax pass exam with draw against Arsenal

Ajax won the Sony Amsterdam Tournament for the fourth time in a row after a goalless draw against Arsenal. ,,We have the Cup", said boss Ronald Koeman afterwards. ,,But this season we want to win other cups as well."

Koeman indicated Friday that Sunday's line-up would reflect his choice for most of the season. Bad news for Julien Escudé, who was kept on the bench and replaced by Nigel de Jong. ,,Defensively I thought de jong did well'', said Koeman. ,,But in possession he could have been better.''

Koeman indicated that his toughest choices are in midfield. ,,We can play with two real midfielders and a forward behind the striker or three real midfielders.'' Wesley Sonck played behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic for most of the match with Rafael van der Vaart and Tomás Galásek in a controlling role. Both Sonck and Ibrahimovic had chances to score but were denied by goalkeeper Lehmann.

Ajax's staff have other choices to make. Such as the one of the first goalkeeper. Maarten Stekelenburg was voted man of the match against Arsenal. In the second half he made three near-impossible saves to keep a clean sheet and thus giving Ajax the first place in the tournament. ,,Stekelenburg was more important for the team today than Lobont was on Friday'', Koeman said. ,,But this tournament is not the only thing I'll base my decision on. The overall picture of the preseason counts. Lobont has been a good goalkeeper for years. I will decide by the end of the week.''

Koeman was pleased with the high level of the match. ,,This was a real exam for us and the draw is a good result, if you consider the team we were playing. Only it was a pity that there were no goals. We won the tournament, won a cup, but we want to win more cups this season.''