Ajax makes up for relegation Boukhari

For Nourdin Boukhari 2002 was a busy year. In the first half of the year he relegated with Sparta to the first division, in the second half he heard the fans chant his name from the stands of the Ajax stadium. He was bought for the future, but already played quite some minutes in the Ajax strip.

How do you celebrate Christmas and/or New Year's Eve?
,,My family and I do not believe in Christmas, but we do know many people who celebrate it. I'll be with friends. We give each other presents. I am not really a guy for presents, but it is always fun to give something away. It's the thought that counts and once a year it's fine with me. Christmas is strange for someone who is born in Morocco, but I have experienced it since I was very young. We used to celbrate it at school with the class. New Year's Eve...that I am going to celebrate. We normally get together with a group of friends at somebody's house and we eat, drink champagne and laugh a lot. Maybe afterwards we'll go to a private party, only for people with an invitation, you know. And the next day I'm sleeping in!"

What was the most important in 2002?
,,Winning the Johan Cruijff Shield and going from Sparta to Ajax. I relegated with Sparta, that was not so great. But I was transferred to Ajax, with which I went on training camp to Great Brittain immediately. I was received in a well structured organisation. I am really happy at Ajax and that has made up for the relegation with Sparta. It gives me confidence. I had hoped it would go like this, because they bought me for the future. Now I can say that I wanted to play more, but that is up to the coach. I have learnt a lot so far. i had to get used to the level of play, but i am glad that I managed to adapt. I heard the fans chant my name. That alone makes it worthwhile."

Your expectations for 2003?
,,I hope we win the championship and keep on playing well after the winter break. I want to keep on developing as a player."

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,With my family and friends, the people I have a special bond with. Someone else? That actress from Costa, Meis or something. I don't know her first name, but I do know her face."