Ajax kicks off trip with Meet and Greet

Ajax kicks off trip with Meet and Greet

Ajax has kicked off its trip to Indonesia on Thursday with a meet & greet at Schiphol with the prize winners from Garuda, the airline with which the team is flying. Immediately after checking in, the selection and staff had time to take pictures and sign autographs for the winners.

The selection arrived at Schiphol shortly after 11:30. The lucky winners were already there, waiting for the champions. Several autographs were signed and pictures taken before the selection headed towards customs. It was a great start to what will undoubtedly be a fantastic trip.

Bojan didn’t travel with the selection. He received the news that Ajax was not going to make use of its option to use him for one more year on a loan out basis from FC Barcelona. Subsequently, it was decided that he wouldn't join the Ajax Indonesia Tour. Frank de Boer will thus have 17 players at his disposal.

Flight GA0089 takes off at 14:00. A short stopover will be made in Abu Dabi, and the airplane is expected to land in Jakarta on Friday at 12:00 local time, which will be 7:00 in the Netherlands.