Ajax heads to Austria

Ajax heads to Austria

On Monday morning, the Ajax selection left from de Toekomst for their training camp in Austria. 27 Ajax players will prepare for the upcoming competition, where nothing less than the fifth straight title is at stake.

At ten-fifteen, the selection left for Schiphol East, where Ajax will take the airplane to Innsbruck. Today, at three o’clock, the first practice is scheduled to take place in Austria.

Before leaving, Nick Viergever finalized all of the formalities around his transfer by signing his contract. He made his unofficial debut last Saturday against Putten (1-13), and stood out immediately by scoring the opening goal: “It’s not the most important thing for a defender, but it’s always nice to score. It was a nice win and it’s nice to have accumulated my first minutes of play. The first week was successful, now on to the next one.”

Xavier Mous was also in attendance, for his first Ajax 1 training camp: “I couldn’t ask for a better start to the season. I want to show what I can do in the upcoming week, and give everything I’ve got. And then we’ll see what happens. I’ve trained with the first team before, last winter during the interland period. That was already and amazing experience. And now I’m with them for the entire week.” Is he already dreaming of an unofficial debut with Ajax 1? “Yes, of course I’m hoping to get my chance at some point. It can go very quickly. But just the fact that I’m going to Austria is a fantastic reward.”