Ajax gives football lessons in New York

Ajax gives football lessons in New York

Ajax’s football expertise is desired around the world. Large groups of football fans, coaches and young football players all want to glean some of it. That’s why Ajax will spread its knowledge this summer in several countries and continents. This week, the Ajax Academy Summer Camp takes place in New York. Ajax TV follows this unique event closely.

In New York, trainings are taking place in three locations. This week, Ajax coaches are active in New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Academy consultant Ed van Schaik is in the United States with several colleagues to train young American kids in the fundamentals of the Ajax youth academy.
Van Schaik has said on that for the time being, there was no talk of a satellite club in the United States, in the style of Ajax Cape Town. “We’re doing something for the girls and boys in New York who were selected via try-outs. We’re also trying to organise a special day for American coaches during our stay. The structure of the academy and scouting will be discussed.” The good relationship with the New York people pays off in another area as well, as Van Schaik knows. “Because they know you, they’ll say ‘we have a player’, then I’ll tell our scouts at Ajax. They give us these tips thanks to our good relationship.”
Ajax will run similar clinics this summer in Sweden, Italy, Cypres and Norway.