Ajax explores the world of three stripes

Ajax explores the world of three stripes

Ajax paid a visit to adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach on Friday. Ajax got an exclusive look into the world of the three stripes in the World of Sport. Among others, they came face to face with boxer Muhammad Ali (photo) and Zinedine Zidane’s shoes. They also took a look at adidas’ lab.

Two months after their visit to adidas’ U.S. headquarters in Portland, Ajax dove once again into the world of three stripes on Friday. Although it’s true most of the time that everything is bigger in the U.S., adidas is an exception. The German brand’s world headquarters is impressively big. The World of Sport has facilities for practically every sport, and virtually breathes adidas and sport.
The Ajax players walked along the walk of fame in the adidas brand center. There was quite a bit of sport memorabilia on display. From Ali’s boxing shoes, to Kaká’s boots, to tennis star Justine Henin’s shoes. There were also several Dutch elements to discover, such as Ard Schenk’s adidas skates on prominent display in the gallery.
After being immersed in the glory of past and present, the Ajax players turned towards the future - but behind closed doors. In the special lab, located in a brand new building, the Ajax players were shown the latest product developments. The fact that adidas requested that no photos be taken confirmed the exclusive nature of the lab visit. The players dutifully left their mobile phones in their pockets. This was all the more incentive to pay special attention, making this exclusive glimpse all the more unique.