Ajax draw twice in English friendlies

Against both Nottingham Forest and Derby County Ajax drew 2-2 in preseason friendlies while on training camp in England. The results against the first division sides were not important. Coach Ronald Koeman thinks his side is still on the right way. But a few problems have to be solved.

Ajax were visibly tired in the second match of the week in England. Cedric van der Gun gave his team the lead, but Derby put Ajax under pressure and made it 2-1 fifteen minutes from time. It was Nicolai Mitea, the young Romanian on try-out, who tied it up three minutes before the end.

Against Nottingham Forest two three days earlier, Ajax were better, but failed to seal the win in the second half. After Rafael van der Vaart and Steven Pienaar had put Ajax up 2-0, Forest came back and Ajax striker Wesley Sonck headed the ball into his own goal in the final minute. The match against Nottingham marked the debut for Ajax of new signee Zdenek Grygera. He impressed in his first 45 minutes for the side.

Ronald Koeman said that the second training camp in two weeks had been good for Ajax. ,,We're improving and the players get stronger. Our defence is solid with new players Julien Escudé and Grygera. But we should have won both matches. Wesley Sonck was unlucky here in England. He needs some time to get used to his new teammates and he to them. We are also still looking for a right winger, as a replacement for Andy van der Meyde.''