Ajax draw Bayern, Juventus, Maccabi

Ajax have drawn Bayern München (GER), Juventus (ITA) en Maccabi Tel-Aviv (ISR) for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Together these four teams make up Group C.

The teams from Amsterdam face clubs from Germany, Italy and Israel.

Ajax play their first match at home. That first match is against Juventus on Wednesday 15 September.

The schedule for Group C:

1st match day (15 September) : AFC Ajax - Juventus, Maccabi Tel Aviv - Bayern München
2nd match day (28 September) : Bayern München - AFC Ajax, Juventus - Tel Aviv
3rd match day (19 October): Juventus - Bayern München, AFC Ajax - Tel Aviv
4th match day (03 November) : Bayern München - Juventus, Tel Aviv - AFC Ajax
5th match day (23 November): Juventus - AFC Ajax, Bayern München - Tel Aviv
6th match day (08 December): AFC Ajax - Bayern München, Tel Aviv - Juventus