Ajax defeat FC Groningen

Ajax defeat FC Groningen

Ajax did start the game against FC Groningen rather well. A fierce shot from Swedish striker Markus Rosenberg in the seventh minute seemed to give Ajax a jump start. Two more goals scored by Rosenberg's co-striker Angelos Charisteas in the first and second half gave Ajax an even more comfortable lead. But it was FC Groningen that fought back to a one goal deficit in the last few minutes. However Ajax stood strong and walked of the pitch as deserved winners (3-2).

Rosenberg showed his skills after Charisteas his assist. The ball came straight of the boot and hit the cross bar hard and in the net it went, 1-0.
Charisteas scored the two nil after an impressive rush from Mauro Rosales. At that moment Ajax dominated. ,,Rosenberg and Charisteas did score two excellent goals tonight and showed their value for the team.’’, trainer-coach Danny Blind said satisfied.

Off course, Blind was content with the result and with the points. Ajax are closing in on the competition in the ranking in which Ajax are fourth now. But maybe even more important, the victory ads even more confidence to the team.

It seemed easy in the first halve, but in the finale Ajax was struggling. Groningen played more aggressive and ten minute after Charisteas his second goal (3-0) FC Groningen's striker Glen Salmon scored 3-1.

,,That gave us hope’’, Ron Jans said. ,,If Nevland did score in the penultimate minute Ajax would have been quite embarrassed.’’ The Groningen-coach referred to the period that Groningen scored 3-2, a header from Evgeniy Levchenko. Ajax were not playing with the same confidence as before and FC Groningen played a physically stronger game. But Ajax stood strong in the end and secured the win.