Ajax break out of slump

Ajax break out of slump

Ajax defeated FC Twente on Saturday, ending a team record streak of four league matches without scoring a goal. Ajax can finally look up. ,,This 2-0 is very welcome'', said coach Danny Blind.

The Ajax boss was of course very happy with the win, and had to mention especially the beautiful goal by Markus Rosenberg. The Swedish striker, who replaced Yannis Anastasiou after an hour, fired the ball through the legs of goalkeeper Sander Boschker after a great dribble.

,,I could picture the headlines if it had stayed 1-0 and we hadn't scored ourselves’', said Blind. The coach referred to the own goal by Daniël Majstorovic, who gave Ajax the lead after 70 minutes when he shot a cross from Hatem Trabelsi behind his own goalkeeper: 1-0.

Majstorovic's goal marked the end of a long period without Ajax scoring goals. But to end such a period with an own goal, was not satisfying, Blind realised. The fear of headlines with the recurring theme Lucky Ajax, appeared unfounded when Rosenberg scored in added time.

In the first half, it looked as Ajax would have the same old problem. The team created many chances but could not score.

With Rosenberg on for Anastasiou, Ajax were more dangerous. The ‘lucky’ own goal by Majstorovic helped getting the home team on the right track.

,,The fact that we win, is now more important than how we won it'', said Blind.