Ajax and Van Gaal part ways

Louis van Gaal resigned as Ajax's technical director on Tuesday. Van Gaal Wednesday explained his decision to leave the club.

Louis van Gaal announced his resignation on Saturday 16 October 2004. After internal deliberation and consultation with Van Gaal himself, management and the board of supervisory directors accepted his resignation on Tuesday evening.

Several meetings with Van Gaal have taken place in the past weeks between Van Gaal and club management. At one time, Ronald Koeman was present. Most important sublects of those meetings were:

• Louis van Gaal's functioning as technical director
• The relationship between Louis van Gaal and Ronald Koeman and the situation concerning the first team
• Current and future authorities of the technical director

The technical policy plan has not been subject of discussion. All within Ajax agree on the content of said plan.

The meetings confirmed that it is not in Louis van Gaal's character to compromise easily. This has led to tensions. In the past weeks this was also expressed in the relationship with Ronald Koeman about the enforcement of the policy relating to the first team.

Louis van Gaal has also indicated that he finds the authorities of the technical director too limited in relation to the authority of the coach of the first team, especially concerning the acquisition and sale of players. managment of Ajax have indicated that the authorities of the technical director will remain unchanged.

Louis van Gaal has drawn the conclusion from these meetings that he cannot function in this way and has resigned.

Ajax's managing director Arie van Eijden said on behalf of Ajax: ,,Unfortunately, we have to conclude that things did not go the way we had thought. We have spoken about it in all candour. We regret the situation because Louis van Gaal is a consummate professional and sincere in his intents. We have to conclude that we differ of opinion in these matters.''

Louis van Gaal explained: ,,My request for resignation is in Ajax's best interest and is not an effect of the poor results of late. It is about a difference of viewpoint on the exercise of technical policy and authorities of the technical director of Ajax.”

,,Anyone who knows me, knows I prefer clarity. Compromises do not go well with my character and I foresee more differences of opinion in the future. That's why I have decided to vacate the position. I hope I serve Ajax's best interest this way. I had hoped to grow old at Ajax, but it has turned out differently'', Van Gaal said.