Ajax and Nouri formalize contract

Ajax and Nouri formalize contract

On Monday, Ajax and Abdelhak Nouri formalized the contract that the club and player had previously agreed upon. The 17 year old Amsterdam native signed his new, improved contract in the presence of Wim Jonk and Ajax directors Marc Overmars, Edwin van der Sar and Michael Kinsbergen.

Ajax and Nouri reached a contract extension agreement during the A selection’s training camp in Qatar. The U19 junior made his debut in Frank de Boer’s A selection in Qatar. “I’m very happy that it’s finalized”, said Nouri shortly after signing his latest contract. “I knew that this day was coming for a long time. Signing the contract, with my family present, is extra special. A lot has happened with me in the past few weeks. Fortunately, I was able to stay focused.”

In addition to the player, youth academy head Wim Jonk was happy about the contract extension as well. Jonk has been working with Nouri intensively, from a young age. “Appie is a player who draws a crowd to the stadium”, Jonk described the midfielder from the youth academy. “He’s a great player to watch. Appie is very creative and agile, someone who relies on his own intuition when playing and finds solutions at a very high speed. This last attribute is definitely his key strength. He adapts to the circumstances very fast.”

“In the youth academy, we also paid a lot of individual attention to him. In terms of individual development, there is still a lot to be gained. But you see that his play is becoming more and more efficient. I’m happy with the positive steps he’s made so far. And I’m just as pleased that Appie is choosing Ajax. He definitely knows which way he wants to go.”